The Impact of Basic Income Guarantee on Household Food Insecurity

What does food insecurity look like in Prince Edward Island? How would Basic Income Guarantee help to make Prince Edward Island a food secure province?

Those were some of the questions answered by panellists Dr Valerie Tarsuk, Dr Jennifer Taylor and Michelle Jay at the May 19th annual meeting of the PEIFSN.

Dr Valerie Tarasuk described the state of food insecurity in Canada, specifically in PEI and then suggested how some sort of guaranteed annual income could help make the situation better.

Dr Jennifer Taylor spoke about her research with women who use one of PEI’s food banks, describing the impacts of food insecurity and dispelling some myths along the way.

Michelle Jay presented information about Basic Income Guarantee and the efforts of the PEI Working Group for a Livable Income to have a pilot project implemented in PEI.

Here are the slides each of the panellists used:

Reducing food insecurity in PEI – the case for a Guaranteed Annual Income

Food Insecurity Among Female Clients of a Food Bank – A Call to Action

C-BIG PEI – Campaign for A Basic Income

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